Provision cold stores

We offer modular provision cold stores for safe and long term storage of food onboard vessels and offshore platforms:

  • minus temperatures stores (e.g. -26°C) for meat and fish
  • plus temperatures stores (e.g. +4°C) for dry products, fruits, vegetables, drinks

The modular provision store consists of a complex of storage rooms built of floor, wall, ceiling and door panels. Panels are of a sandwich type construction filled with thermo-insulating foam to keep required temperature inside the room.

Panels are connected each other by means of special catching hooks providing tight connection against temperature losses. The panels are strengthened inside by means of plywood where required that makes cold rooms suitable inside for various equipment installation – chillers, shelves, furniture, etc.

Walls and ceilings panels are made of stainless steel or the PVC foil covered sheets.

Floor surface can be covered with ceramic tiles, riffled stainless steel sheet or plywood.

Our cold stores are always the custom-built units designed strictly according to the customer’s requirements to fit in the available space onboard effectively. The doors in the minus temperature rooms are fitted with heating system protecting seal against freezing to the door frame. The door lock enables a person accidentally locked in the cold room to unlock the door from the inside.

We offer also a full range of equipment for provision stores, including racks (stainless steel / galvanized / wooden), meat lifting slings, tables, shelves, wooden floor gratings, etc.